en Vogue Sculptured Nail Systems was incorporated in 1995 by a team of qualified and experienced industry experts.  We had realized that the nail industry was ready for new and more sophisticated products that would offer unattainable performance advantages and safety for nail technicians and clients, we continue and are determined to provide this.

After extensive academic research, product development and market testing, en Vogue product line was launched in Canada, USA and EUROPE with an overwhelmingly positive response.
Since then professionally minded nail technicians who want to be on the cutting edge of technology and second to none in their trade have become our dedicated followers and customers.

en Vogue's mission is to produce and promote a superior quality nail system and ambitious commitment to customer support.  Continued support, both to and from our customers, has made en Vogue the preferred nail system for many nail technicians in numerous countries all over the world.  In recent years our growth is accelerating and our following is now stronger than ever.

Our goal is to be more than a manufacturer  ~ 
We strive to be “Simply the Best”