Extender Modeling Resins (Cover Gels)

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Strong and flexible, a resin that has the mechanical stability to create the perfect sculpted nail without running into the cuticle or side walls.

Build beautiful arches and perfect c curves with ease!

Sculpt right onto a form or over tip!

 Putting extra product where you need strength and keeping it super thin at the free edge and cuticle has  never been easier!!

Easy to file and smooth to perfection you will find our modeling resins impress your clients as well as you, a professional in the beauty industry.

We are proud to manufacture a resin that has no harmful vapours or toxic dust to worry about!


Choose one of these delicately pigmented modeling resins for a slight pink tone, soft and blurred but not totally opaque coverage. We have Translucent Pink, Blush, Cool Pink.

****For severe nail biter or any need for completely opaque resin, look at our camouflage modeling resins. Same great builder but has lots of colour to hide imperfections in the natural nail.